luni, 14 iunie 2010

Bebe - Pa mi casa

Latino pop. Yes, I know I'm getting predictable, but I really like Bebe's Pa mi casa.

Her best-known song is probably Malo.

joi, 10 iunie 2010

Plastilina Mosh - Pervert Pop Song

First heard of Plastilina Mosh on the now-on-hiatus La Onda Tropical. Their music is a blend of rock, pop, synth, dance, english and spanish.
Pervert Pop Song is from their 2008 album - All You Need Is Mosh.
Enjoy !

vineri, 28 mai 2010

Eurovision 2010 - The best of the rest

As the final is tonight, what better time to make a recap of the best songs you won't hear in the final ? (for the simple reason they failed to qualify)

Finland: Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki Ellää (One can work for a living, too)
This song sounds more Russian than Finnish, but it's lively and makes me want to dance like a bear.

Lithuania: InCulto - Eastern European Funk
Ska with a social message, it was obvious from the beginning they don't stand a chance (although they tried to score points by wearing sparkling silver shorts during the live show - from about minute 2 onwards)

Switzerland: Michael von der Heide - Il Pleut De L'Or (It's raining gold)
I hate this guy, but the song has a disco vibe that I really like. Too bad the contrast between the vocal's looks and voice is so... creepy. (although the Eurovision 2010 champion in this category reached the final, yes, I'm looking at you, Milan Stankovic)

Sweden: Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
This year's surprise - a pretty face with a lovely voice and a sugar-coated song that FAILED to qualify in the final ??? Well, I guess there were too many pretty faces this year, and Anna didn't use her boobs enough. I'll probably keep this one in my playlist for a while.

Holland: Sieneke - Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie) (I'm in love)
Schlager 80's music, definitely an acquired taste, but I can't help but give in to the infectiously happy childish shalalishalalas.

And that's it. Some might also like Slovakia's entry: Kristina - Horehronie, but I found it too generic.

sâmbătă, 22 mai 2010

Eurovision 2010 Countdown - Germany

Although an extremely repetitive song, the funny lyrics and the freshness of the singer raise this above average.

I do hope for more sizzle onstage, though.

Watch Lena - Satellite.

vineri, 21 mai 2010

Eurovision 2010 Countdown - Turkey

It's no secret I'm fond of Turkish rock.
maNga's usual style (rap-rock infused with electronic vibes and vinyl scratching) didn't really interest me before, but this song is different - more mature, perhaps ?

Listen to "We Could Be The Same".

joi, 20 mai 2010

Eurovision 2010 Countdown - Azerbaidjan

At first, I wasn't impressed; as of now, I still think the first minute of this video is barely above average; then, at 1:08, everything changes.
At that precise moment, the Azer diva launches into a dance routine that reminded me of Karate Kid; the first time I saw it, I almost spat my drink all over my monitor.
After watching the whole of the video, I realized that was the moment when I started secretly rooting for Safura. Someone with the guts of pulling such a choreography off deserves at least a place in the finals :)

Of course, from that moment on, the video itself becomes more interesting - wet divas are always interesting, aren't they ? :)

Watch Drip Drop.

marți, 18 mai 2010

Eurovision 2010 Countdown - Spain

There are two songs I really like this year; this is one of them.
Daniel Diges' voice is nice, and the song is easy to remember while not being monotonous.
Enjoy Algo Pequenito (A Small Thing)